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C L E A N S E D  is a  6 episode comedic web series about a jaded LA thirty-something who goes on a magical juice cleanse to fix her life. The cleanse catapults our protagonist, Max, into a fever dream of quirky LA personalities and insane scenarios. Think Alice in Wonderland meets Louie. Each episode focuses on a different day over the course of the cleanse, and chronicles Max’s interactions with various people in her life. The result is an anthology-like medium that allows viewers to experience the bizarre and hilarious world of Los Angeles through Max’s increasingly open eyes.The series stars Anna Margaret Hollyman (Small, Beautifully Moving Parts) and is written and directed by two female filmmakers, Flora Birnbaum (Couples Who Run Together) and Sarah Scarlett Downing (Craning), executive produced by Leslye Headland, and produced by Natalie Sandy. In addition, the series features performances from a variety of talented actors including Reed Birney, Kristin Slaysman, Rebecca Henderson, Andy Ridings, Cass Buggé, Mel Shimkovitz, Dan Pfau, Brianna Baker, Evan Arnold, Mykee Selkin among others. The project is currently in post-production but will be available to stream in the spring of 2017.